الاثنين، 4 أبريل 2011

Get Paid To Surf At Traffic Exchanges

Team Traffic Rush is a group of people who surf at various Traffic Exchanges to win cash.

Every day there's  a new Traffic Rush taking place at some TE, and Team Traffic Rush (TTR) members surf for tickets to a cash prize - the wild thing is that the person who refers the winner to TTR also wins the same cash prize!

Only members of Team Traffic Rush are eligible for cash prizes. You can find the current schedule of rushes and the respective prizes being offered at Traffic Rush Schedule.

This is a fun way to discover traffic exchanges you may have never tried and have a chance at winning some cash just for trying them out!  As of writing this, 151 TE owners are ready to host a Traffic Rush! So there's plenty of cash out there to be had.

A special page goes in rotation - find it, claim your ticket, and you could win! You can have up to 5 tickets for each Traffic Rush. Generally there are lots of other prizes, too!


  1. so good
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