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Affiliate Product Marketing

Affiliate product promoting has created the most number of millionairs online and is now still creating them. You only need to promote other peoples wares as an online associate. You get percentage commissions only when you get a sale. There are many different affiliate products on pratically any topic you can imagine, and for pratically any budget - both material products requiring shipment, and e-products that can be downloaded.

When join a site as an affiliate, you will be able to advertise a standard page with your affiliate link, which promotes the product you are selling. You will need loads of traffic to this site, and then preferably targetted traffic - people already interested in the topic. You can achieve this in many ways:

  • write a blog intended to be interesting to potential purchasers,
  • use pay-per-click advertising with relevant keywords,
  • advertise on special sites attracting interested parties,
  • using social networks,
  • anything else you can think of.
Comparison Various Traffic Sources
The figure shows a comparison of revenue generated by various traffic types, but what is right for you depends on your own abilities, and what you are selling. For example, if you are selling a product that helps safelist-posters post more easily on safelists, then the safelists are the best place to advertise it.

Generating traffic can be done in several ways, but it usually boils down to two choices: paid advertising, or free advertising requiring a good deal of effort. Again, what's right for you depends on what you are selling. For products that generate large amounts of cash (high-price quality goods) or a recurring income (subscriptions), paying for traffic may turn out to be highly profitable, especially since the volume of traffic is only limited by your budget.

You can join most affiliate sites for free, so avoid joining a site that requires a down-payment or one-time purchase. You'll be better off with one of their competitors.


أخي الحبيب اعلم أن رأيك يهمنا , فإن كان نقداً فسيجعلنا نصلح من أنفسنا , وإن كان مدحاً فهو وسام على صدورنا , رجاء تجنب استعمال التعليقات لبث روابط إعلانية. كذلك ننبه إلى ضرورة الالتزام بصلب الموضوع و عدم الخروج عليه و لمزيد من التوضيحات يمكنك أخي الزائر قراءة سياسة الاستخدام الخاصة بالمدونة , وتذكر قول الله عز وجل (( مَا يَلْفِظُ مِنْ قَوْلٍ إِلَّا لَدَيْهِ رَقِيبٌ عَتِيدٌ))

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